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Anxiety Hardback Book by THE SCHOOL OF LIFE

Anxiety Hardback Book by THE SCHOOL OF LIFE

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Too often, we bottle up our anxieties or try to avoid looking at them directly. We are ashamed of how worried we are and end up feeling isolated and yet more worried. None of this is necessary. Anxiety is deeply normal and, like so much else that troubles our minds, it can be understood and brought under our control. We all deserve to wake up every day without a sense of foreboding.

This is a guide to anxiety: why we feel it, how we experience it when it strikes and what we can do when we come under its influence. Across a series of essays that look at the subject from a number of angles, the tone is helpful, compassionate and, in the best sense, practical.

We have suffered for too long under the rule of anxiety. Here – at last – is a pathway to a calmer, more compassionate and more light-hearted future.

Hardback book | 111 pages | 200 x 170 x 15mm | Colour photographs

Customer Review: ‘Really calming book, would highly recommend this to anyone who likes to understand why they feel anxious and how they can help themselves.’


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